Friends of IveryMusic

Andy Hallett - The official homepage of Andy Hallett. Blues singer and Actor. This guy has a fantastic voice with a range that spans from delicate intimacy all the way to a Franklin-esque soul stealing power. Go visit his site now!

ArniesAirsoft - It's a site about Airsoft.. don't fear them, honest they are lovely people.

Doopin Music - Mike Sanchez's online record store. Go and buy his CD's, highly recommended!

IvoryCakes - In our opinion simply the best bespoke cake design and sculpture service anywhere, and that's ignoring our obvious bias!

Mike Sanchez - Raw, real and in your face Rock-n-Roll from one of the best R'n'R piano men in the business Hell of a voice.

Steve Carlson - The official homepage of singer/songwriter Steve Carlson. If one had to categorise Steve's genre it would have to be Country/Rock, but with a talent so broad and influences so wide ranging, it is very hard to pin him down. Deep soulfull lyrics, and masterfull guitar skills, go check out his site now and buy some of his music!

Thom Zahler - Internationally renowned Cartoonist and Graphic Artist. This guy puts rock'n'roll into graphic design. Be sure to check out his comics too!

I M G - The Ivery Media Group portal.

Ivery News - Daily independant interactive news brought to you by the Ivery Media Group.

Sectasys - Embedded Systems and Human Solutions from the new player in the electronics world

Oracle Films - Our very good friends Oracle Films who produce Airsoft Guide (for which we supplied the music) and other great titles in development.


Music technology

The following are a set of links to manufacturers of audio recording technology that Ivery Music recommends.



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