Biography: Welcome to the biography page. In this section you can find out information about Ivery Music the company, and Tim Ivery the person.

Ivery Music: Ivery Music is an independent record label formed in 2002, which although is currently concentrating on the promotion of Ivery's music, eventually will branch out into developing other acts who share our vision. It is our intention to pull together various forms of media and make use of the new opportunities for creativity that are emerging in the new digital age

The People: Team Ivery is made up of people from various disciplines some of whom have had a great deal of experience in the record industry. From intellectual property law to marketing to media creation and manipulation, almost everything at Ivery Music is done in house.

The Facilities: The majority of recording takes place at Ivery Studios. Based around a 64 track digital multitrack setup the majority of our work is done in the digital domain. The mixing desk is by Soundcraft, and we have kept an ADAT facility for the sake of compatibility. Microphones are by RODE, Shure and AudioTechinica, and there is an adequate selection of outboard processors from Lexicon, Alesis, Behringer, Digitech and TL Audio. The main synth workstation is a Kurzweil K2500X accompanied by a Korg and a Yamaha.

Live recordings are still run onto ADAT and then transferred into the PC for post production. Principal work inside the computer is done in Steinberg's Nuendo with an RME Hammerfall and a couple of RME ADI Pro AD/DA converters, and the wave editor of choice is Sonic Foundry's SoundForge.

Video Manipulation is done with a couple of SGI workstations and our beloved and heavily modified Amiga 4000. (She's still going strong after all these years!).


Tim IveryTim Ivery: Tim Ivery was born on June 26th 1976 in England. Tim and his family moved around a lot throughout the world before eventually settling back in the UK in the winter of 1988. In the summer of 2001 Tim gained an LLB from one of England’s top law schools and is currently pursuing a PhD in Intellectual Property Law. Music has always been a major influence in Tim’s life. From a very early age Tim was listening to everything from Bill Haley and the Comets to Rachmaninov.

As a musician Tim is completely self-taught, and although Tim has said that the piano will always remain his main strength, he has taught himself to play the guitar and a whole host of other instruments along the way. Tim started song writing in his early teens, and has continued to develop his craft, drawing on influences from every genre of music that comes his way. Over the years he has gained experience in production and engineering and met a few influential people along the way in and outside the music business, some of whom are working with him now on Ivery Music.